Briquetting Press

Metal Briquetting Press

Approx. Rs 14 Lakh / Unit

Expand your profits from Your Metals CI Borings can not be Baled. If you try to melt it loose , almost 50 % of raw CI Boring is burnt in middle due to Hot Gases in furnace. There , we are to help to make solid briquettes of CI Borings And achieve 95 % recovery. All day, every day, your manufacturing processes produce scrap turnings, boring , chips and shavings that piles up near your equipment and the floor. It gets swept up to maintain a clean, safe workplace, but storing the loose scrap in bins takes up valuable space The answer ? KARUNANAND metal briquetting systems. In fact, briquetting your scrap can reduce the volume by as much as 20-to-1, making scrap infinitely easier to handle and more economical to recycle or sell to foundries. Metal briquetting also enables you to reclaim the fluids oil, lubricants and other liquids used in your metalworking processes. We offer a number of hydraulically powered metal briquetting systems to meet your specific requirements. We offer free pressing tests at our facility using your materials to prove out the process to your satisfaction. These arena the huge, noisy metal briquetters of the past. All of our systems are engineered for automatic, 24-hour operation with low horsepower, compact designs that allow for easy integration into existing production lines. KARUNANAND Briquetters can help you salvage more value from your scrap materials, including : Cast-iron Brass Zinc Aluminum Copper Magnesium Steel Tire wire Titanium Bronze Most other metals In addition to keeping your workplace cleaner and saving space, metal briquetting helps your company meet sustainability goals. Metal briquetting turns your production waste into valuable products for heat generation, supports your recycling initiatives and reduces your carbon footprint. Specifications: • Pressing Force: 2500 kn • Capacity: 800-1200 kg/h • Power: 18.5 kW

Briquette Press Machine

Approx. Rs 20 Lakh / Piece

We are engaged in offering Briquette Press Machine.

Main Technical Data:

NameModelPressure FormCapacityPower
YQJ-290290AConstant Pressure1.5 T/h5.5 kw
290BHydraulic/Constant Pressure2 T/h5.5 kw
YQJ-360360AConstant Pressure3.3 T/h7.5 kw
360BHydraulic/Constant Pressure4 T/h11 kw
YQJ-400400AConstant Pressure5 T/h11 kw
400BHydraulic/Constant Pressure6 T/h15 kw
YQJ-430430AConstant Pressure7 T/h15 kw
430BHydraulic/Constant Pressure7.5 T/h18.5 kw
YQJ-500500AConstant Pressure8 T/h18.5 kw
500BHydraulic/Constant Pressure8.5 T/h18.5 kw
YQJ-650650AConstant Pressure10 T/h22 kw
650BHydraulic/Constant Pressure12 T/h30 kw
YQJ-750750AConstant Pressure17 T/h37 kw
750BHydraulic/Constant Pressure18 T/h45 kw
YQJ-800800AConstant Pressure19 T/h55 kw
800BHydraulic/Constant Pressure20 T/h55 kw
YQJ-10001000AConstant Pressure25 T/h75 kw
1000BHydraulic/Constant Pressure28 T/h90 kw
YQJ-12001200AConstant Pressure32 T/h110 kw
1200BHydraulic/Constant Pressure35 T/h132 kw
YQJ-13001300AConstant Pressure38 T/h132 kw
1300BHydraulic/Constant Pressure40 T/h160 kw
YQJ-15001500AConstant Pressure46 T/h160 kw
1500BHydraulic/Constant Pressure50 T/h185 kw

Briquetting Press

Briquetting Press

Approx. Rs 1 Lakh / Piece

We offer to our clients a superior quality machinery product in our briquetting press. A result of precision engineering and advanced technology, our product offers superior mixture of wet paste which is then compacted into briquettes in a hydraulic press. The briquettes presses are directly loaded into the extrusion press for coating on cut wires.


Advantages of White Coal:

Other Details:

Hot Press Machine For Lamination Wood Working Industries

Hot Press Machine For Lamination Wood Working Industries

Approx. Rs 30 Lakh / Unit

Guided by experience, technical expertise and determination to excel, Karunanand Hydropneumatic Controls (P) Ltd. has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic press, baling machine, bagging & baling press and bales for metal, agro-products, plastic and other industries. We are widely recognized not just for expertise in machine engineering but also for :

In depth technical knowledgeCore understanding of industry requirementsResearch oriented productionCompliance to international quality and safety standardsCustom-made solutions for all types of briquetting & baling needs
sutable for the furniture industry

Bio Coal Briquetting Plant

Bio Coal Briquetting Plant

Approx. Rs 15 Lakh / Set

We deal in Bio Coal Briquetting Plant.


Metal Abrasive Powder Briquetting Press

Metal Abrasive Powder Briquetting Press
  • Metal Abrasive Powder Briquetting Press
  • Metal Abrasive Powder Briquetting Press
  • Metal Abrasive Powder Briquetting Press

Approx. Rs 20 Lakh / Piece

These briquetting presses are designed to compress various mettalic powders into a solid form. The metal powder filled in a die chamber that is usually made of metal with a certain volume of powder. The compression press, first presses then indexes the container that is filled with powder underneath the press.
Our range of metal briquetting Presses finds application in the various metal industries to make billets for efficient melting . Due to briquetting , up to 95% metal can be used.
Power(W): 20 Hp or more. Weight of Bricket : 1 - 6 kg

Charcoal Briquettes Machine

Approx. Rs 7 Lakh / No

Charcoal Briquettes Machine is the transformation of a powdery or granular product formed into composition with more valued pressure. This is for recycling mine waste and coal waste in production, which accomplished by compacting the product with a roller press sometimes in the presence of a binder material. The briquettes can be produced with high or low pressure and can undergo mechanical or thermal treatment according to the characteristics of the processed material, the binder used and the desired final product.

A suitable material for briquette: Color and Black Metallic Mine powder: Iron scale, Iron sludge, Precipitator dust, Iron concentrate, Raw material powder, Manganese ore fines, Silicomanganese alloy. Etc. Coal: Coal powder, coke powder, slime peat, middle coal, lignite etc. Other material: Charcoal powder, fireproof material, Desulfurized gypsum, Dolomite etc.

Coal Briquettes

Coal Briquettes

We are engaged in offering Coal Briquettes.

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